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Hotel & SPA L'Antico Forziere - Ristorante I Rodella Str. est. vic. della Rocca 2, Casalina - Deruta (PG)

restaurant I Rodella

Deruta Restaurant gourmet Deruta

restaurant I Rodella

restaurant gourmet Deruta

Ristorante I Rodella

I Rodella Restaurant

restaurant I Rodella

We decided to welcome the guests

of our restaurant as at home and like once

we called it by the family name….

restaurant gourmet

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Restaurant closed on Monday

In a small corner of Umbria, Deruta, our restaurant from over 15 years

welcomes the guests with the same desire and enthusiasm of the first day.

Chefs (twins) Stefano and Andrea Rodella offer a contemporary, creative

but traditional cuisine at the same time, combined with fresh seasonal products

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